RCD’s & Smoke Alarms


PO_SwitchboardsRCD_PISRCD’s (Residual Current Devices), commonly known as Safety Switches, are a fantastic device as they minimise the risk of electrical shocks, injuries, electricity-related fires and deaths.

An RCD quickly sense minute amounts of electrical current that flow to earth in the event of an abnormality in a live circuit (e.g. human contact), and shut automatically. RCD’s are intended to operate within a few milliseconds, before any real harm can be done.

Sadly, less than half Australian homes have any safety switches installed at all. Every day activities such as drilling a hole or using an electrical appliance can turn deadly without the protection of a safety switch.

From 1 June 2001 to 30 June 2011, 35 electrical fatalities occurred in Western Australia. The majority of these could have been avoided if the circuits were protected be an RCD.

Safety Switches have been mandatory by law to be installed on all power and light circuits in all new homes since 2000. In 2009 the Western Australian government enforced the installation of Safety Switches in all rental properties and all properties sold.

Installations of RCD’s can be relatively simple to install and also be retrofitted into most switchboards.

Smoke Alarms:

PO_SmokeAlarm_MS_03There are more than 50 people across Australia the die each year as a result of house fires, plus many more injured. There are many houses still today without smoke alarms fitted.

Only working smoke alarms can provide the critical early warning that is needed to alert home owners to prevent property damage and to save lives. When you are asleep, you lose the sense of smell and smoke can actually make you go into a deeper sleep. Smoke alarms are therefore your only protection while you are sleeping.

A small fire can take over a room in as little as 4 minutes and a smoke alarm is a critical early warning so you can escape. 

In 2009 the Western Australian government enforced the installation of Smoke Alarms in conjunction with Safety Switches in all rental properties and all properties sold.

These life saving devices can easily be retrofitted to all electrical installations.