Lighting / LEDs

Lighting / LEDs

The light in a home not only changes the mood but it can stir emotion, create atmosphere and can change the perceived size of a room.

We all choose lights for many different reasons, general, feature, task or decorative;

  • As general suggests it is just a means of switching a light to illuminate a room.
  • Feature lighting is to focus the illumination on an area or a specific object.
  • Task lighting is illuminating an area used for specific tasks, such as cooking, reading, etc.
  • Decorative lighting is all in the architectural design of the light fitting to provide an artistic touch to your house.


In recent years energy use for households in Australia has rapidly increased. This is due to the construction of larger homes and therefore the installation of more light fittings.

Most home owners could reduce the amount energy they use by as much as 50% by making smarter lighting choices in modern LED technology.

LED (Light Emitting Diode) are the newest, most energy efficient lighting source available on the market. Because of the tremendous energy efficiency, LED technology is revolutionising illumination as we know it. From lighting up your kitchen bench to the spot lights in your back yard. LED’s are more and more rapidly being integrated into today’s homes.

LED lights are more efficient than CFL’s (compact fluorescent lamp) and halogen globes. This is for one simple reason; LED’s don’t generate heat as part of the illumination process.

Some interesting facts:

Safe usage: Unlike fluorescent bulbs, environmentally friendly LED lights contain no mercury or other toxins making them safe to work with and dispose of.

Safe lighting: LED’s do not emit ultra violet (UV) light, meaning friendlier on the your skin and clothes and they won’t attract mosquitoes or bugs! They’re easy on parchment, artwork and sensitive materials.

Cool: LED lights do not generate significant amounts of heat, which means they are cool to touch and ideal for heat sensitive lighting arrangements.

Durable: LED’s are resistant to vibrations and shocks, and are one of the most stable light sources available on the market.

Best Alternative: In 2012 the Federal government started phasing out the use of old incandescent light bulbs.

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