House Rewires

House Rewires

IMG_1238Many houses that were built prior to 1970 require rewiring as the materials used and the method of installation are now out-dated.

Degeneration of the wires and junctions as well as the old switchboards can not only be a nuisance, but can potentially be the cause of electrical fires and electrocution.

If you have ever been in your roof and noticed that the wires are run separately and across the tops of the joists, then it is time to call a licensed electrical contractor.

IMG_1236Many of these homes were originally wired in a type of cable called Vulcanised Indian Rubber (VIR) cable. As the insulation of the wires is made from rubber, it deteriorates over time, and crumbles way, leaving bare live wires exposed.

The solution is for a licensed electrician to remove all VIR cable and install modern cables with modern RCD and circuit breaker protection at the switchboard. The process of rewiring your home is relatively quick and it dramatically reduces the risk of electrical fire and electric shocks.

Electrical Experts are available to inspect and asses the wiring in your home, and provide a report on the condition of wiring in the premises.

As parts of a house rewire, we will renew all cabling, replace all switches and power points (unless advised not to), reinstate, all serviceable light fittings, or we can install new ones. We also install RCD’s (a minimum of 2), main switch, modern circuit breakers, and upgrade the switchboard.

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