Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a very energy efficient way of cooling, most ceiling fans use as little power as a light bulb.

Ceiling fans will save you money in both summer and winter. Compared to the alternative of air-conditioners, a ceiling fan is a faction of the cost and uses far less energy.

Most people don’t realise that a ceiling fan uses only 100W compared to an air-conditioner which can use up to 18,000kW.

To compare the cost in a bedroom, a 2500W is typically used. Therefore installing a ceiling fan would reduce the cost by 96% to your energy bills.

There are many benefits to ceiling fans.

  • A low cost solution to cooling your home or office.
  • They can make a room feel 8 degrees cooler.
  • They are only needed to be on while you are in the room.
  • When they are working in unison with a air-conditioner, they then reduce the running cost of that air-conditioner by 40%.
  • When run in reverse, it can cut you cooling cost by 10%.
  • Conveniently placed out of the way unlike a pedestal fan.
  • Stylish and modern to suit the décor of your home.
Electrical Experts specialise it the installation of ceiling fans with lights and can modify your ceiling timbers so they can exchange the light in the centre of the room. Contact Us today for a free quote.